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Smart Shopping Tips

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It pays $ to be a smart shopper

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I am a member of the Cool Savings Program ( membership is free ) these are REAL coupons that you can print and redeem at your local grocery store if your grocery store does double value on coupons like ours does then the savings are really great. This is a great time saver. If you just take a few minutes when you sign up at Cool Savings to answer a few questions about the type of products that you buy at the grocery store. Cool Savings will only send you the coupons that you are interested in. I love that feature :o)   Print REAL coupons from your computer at Cool Savings! Just click here!

Aldis is one of the largest supermarkets in the world and their prices reflect the buying power they have. Most of the products are very good and the typical family can reduce their grocery bill by 25 to 50% click on their home page link to see if there is a location near you. Save on groceries, find a location near you

Save-A-Lot is another grocery store where the savings are good. The prices aren't quite as good as Aldis but the selection is better and there are more brand name products. You'll still shave 25% or more from your weekly grocery bill. Save-A-Lot home page and find a location near you

The single largest expense for most computer users is their ISP "Internet Service Provider" you can easily spend $300.00 plus per year for an internet provider. I have used most of them and their is no reason to continue to pay $20 to $25 a month for a dial up internet provider like AOL and many others. If you need to cut expenses you should give one of these providers a try. Both are very good, easy to use and are less than $10.00 per month. Stop wasting your money and give one a try. You can always return to your high priced provider if you want to. Both of these providers also have a free version that you might want to try out. I just don't like all of the advertising banners and pop up windows in the free versions, they really seem to slow things down. Start saving money now with NetZero Platinum or Juno Platinum

The second largest expense for most computer users is the ink for their printers. There are a lot of companies on the internet today that sell ink and laser cartridges for printers. If you surf the net at all I'm sure that you have had POP up after POP up window trying to sell you ink cartridges. 

The problem is how do you know the good from the bad vendors? I have several friends that have got what they thought was a great deal just to find out the product either didn't work at all or it was super poor quality. NONE have gotten their money back. 

Here is a reputable dealer for your printing products  they have sold over a million ink cartridges a year on the internet for the past five years. The products are excellent, I use them myself. I think the company name is a little hokey "Mr. Ink Man" :o) but you will save from 50% to 75% off discount store prices. That's a really big savings so it  pays to plan ahead a little and order direct from the warehouse. Click Here For Mr Ink Man 

Cut your debt in half! Debt Relief can get your finances under control and help eliminate your debt at