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A Vision Plan For Wealth Building

We all start some where. When the Young Steve Jobs started to tinker with electronics and began Apple Computers in his garage he knew what he was doing. Even if he couldn't possibly realize at the time how successful he would be, Steve Jobs could see an avenue that very few others could see. Steve Jobs had/has Vision. It was irrefutably prov en a second time, after selling Apple Computers the company languished without direction. Steve Jobs was re-instated as CEO of his old company the old management were replaced and not surprisingly the Company bounced back without missing a beat.

Without a vision plan, Opportunity Investing is just an exercise. An investment object is found undervalued and made more valuable by the vision plan of the investor and what he does to demonstrate this vision to prospective buyers. This lack of Vision by the "many" is what makes Opportunity Investment possible for the few. YOU

By having a vision plan about a given investment object, the transaction becomes more then just an exercise. Every transaction is special specifically because it is part of the main vision plan. That is the difference between a few meaningless transactions going nowhere and fast and rapid wealth accumulation.

We invest for the very short term. To make fast profits that we pyramid week by week into our chosen compounding rate.

There are three levels of Investment objects that we begin with proceed with and finally end with according to our vision planning, that gets us into the million dollar club.

An asset is defined as ANYTHING people are ready to pay money for. There are theories that suggest an asset is only an asset if it has a cash flow and the theory makes sense for cash flow investors (as you shall be some day too) However in the real world investment objects are paid for by real people who buy for many various reasons, a large proportion of which are emotional.

Entry level investment objects are limited by the size of your seed capital. However, there are inherent advantages at this level that offset the disadvantage of a small seed capital account. Namely that low priced objects have a bigger market, meaning more investments can be transacted more quickly more often.

But without having that vision plan, it simply becomes a meaningless exercise. So how do you get a vision plan? Easy, knowledge. When you "get" something, your imagination and capacity to envisage things kicks in of its own accord. You have to "get" this first, then your vision will unfold naturally.
EzineArticles Expert Author Martin Thomson

Martin enjoys sharing wealth building strategies and is a professional investor and CEO of If you would enjoy learning how to build your own money machine, then follow the link above.

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