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Quick Debt Relief

Quick Money Saving Tips

Quick Money Saving Tips You Can Take To The Bank 

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Money Saving Tips 101 and Beyond 

Summary of Page:

This page is chuck full of Money Saving tips. If you have been caught in a layoff , or are being squeezed by creditors or even if you are heading into retirement you will need to know how to save money and make money. The Money Saving tips page consist of short, to the point money saving tips that you can use immediately to help stretch that unemployment benefits check so it goes a little further. If you like these money saving tips you'll love our page called How to save money on just about everything. This page has a lot more than just money saving tips. These link pages will show you how to save over 40% on your groceries. Yes, I said over 40% NO Gimmicks. This is the largest grocery store chain in the world and I'll show you how to find the one nearest you. We also show you several was to save on gas, clothing, books and the list goes on. Check it out here Save money


Money Saving Tips for Your Home

TIP: One of the biggest energy hogs in your home is your hot water heater. It will account for 12 -16 % of your total energy bill. It is definitely worth the ten bucks or so to insulate your hot water heater. Yes, even if you have been laid off. It is worth the investment 

TIP: Also if you use less hot water you will need to heat less water. Make sense!  Go to Wall mart and get one of those low water flow aerated shower heads. You can save money by purchasing one of those $3.00 cheepies if you want.  I bought a cheepie at first but neither me or my family liked it. The one that I settled on was about $12.00 at Wall mart. With these type of showerheads if shower times stay the same you will save about 50% on heating your water. Because you use 50% less water :o)  Being unemployed you need to save all the money you can.

TIP: Turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120F). You'll not only save energy, you won't be as dry and itchy in the winter. There is also less chance of someone getting burned, especially if you have little kids.

TIP: Insulate hot water pipes and ducts wherever they run through unheated areas.

TIP: Schedule an energy audit. Call your utility company or state energy office to set up an appointment. This expert will come to your home for free and give you so many money saving tips to conserve energy that you won't believe this is a free service. 

TIP: Check the lighting in your home. Lower the wattage of your light bulbs when
possible. Reducing from 100 or 75 watt to 60 watt will make a big difference. It all adds up and you can make this change gradually if you need to. This is an easy money saving tip that is often overlooked.


Money Saving Tips for Food

TIP: The biggest money saving tip that we can give you on shopping for food that will save you the most money is to find and shop at one of these two grocery stores

TIP: The second biggest money saving tip when you are shopping for food is DON'T take your husband or any of the kids along. I know that having the extra help along is nice but it's going to cost you an extra $20 to $40 in stuff they throw into the cart. You get to the check out and SURPRISE! Where did that stuff come from. 

TIP: You can get grocery coupons in your local newspaper and also from the Internet. Sunday Papers are usually the best. You may pay $1.50 for the paper but many Sunday papers have an average of fifty to one hundred dollars or more in coupons.  Many grocery stores put items on sale the same week that the coupon comes out in the newspaper so if you plan correctly you will get a bigger bang for your buck. 

TIP: Always check your receipt. Scanners and checkers make mistakes. It will surprise you to see the amount of mistakes that you'll find over the course of a year. This rule holds true with all shopping not just groceries.

TIP: Holiday sales. Stock up at the major holiday sales. Turkey in our area this year at Thanksgiving were nineteen cents a pound with no limit on how many you could buy. This is just one example of sale items that you could stock up and freeze. The canned goods at these sales will last for for a year or more.

TIP: Check out the Bakery thrift stores. You can buy bread and an assortment of other day old items at a great price example: Bread 25 cents a loaf. Find these local stores in your yellow pages.


Cut your debt in half! Debt Relief can get your finances under control and help eliminate your debt at